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Why use Quandl?

Professional investors are always seeking new and unique data sources to give them the information they can turn into trading profits.

Quandl offers companies a complete solution to convert a data asset into a recurring revenue stream.

Our mission is to connect your interesting, out-of-the-box data with the strong base of financial analysts already on our platform. By partnering with Quandl, we take care of:

Our team of quantitative analysts and data scientists will work with you to create a market-ready product out of your data.

Data productization

Security and delivery

We take care of all documentation and collateral creation, which our sales team uses to connect the right data product with the right investor.

Sales and marketing

We ensure your data is totally secure and free of personally identifiable information before delivering it via our API.

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Access 400,000 financial analysts through our platform. Contact us for more information.

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